The answers to the our most frequently asked questions.

Can you send me a catalogue?
All our products are on our online shop and works the same as a catalogue but better! You get to order what you'd like straight away! However, we know that if you are from a big company the management usually wants to see the catalogue. Please do get in touch then by emailing sales@shpickle.co.za
How do I order?
All products are listed on our online shop, simply add to cart and once you're ready for checkout click, complete the required shipping and billing details, select your payment method and complete the purchase! If you are having hiccups don't be shy, email sales@shpickle.co.za.
Can I exchange or return?
Yes, please have a look at our Return Policy.
What is a pre-order?
A pre-order is when you order an item or product (usually tops and bottoms sold as sets) before it goes into production meaning you can order your size and it is guaranteed yours. The wait is longer but the price per set is cheaper. Once an item is not on pre-order anymore and is available in the online shop it means a limited amount per size has been made and if that size is sold out, well, then it is sold out. The delivery time is far shorter and the products are now priced separately per item (top and bottom). 
How long does delivery take?
When an item is listed on the online shop and your size is in stock it means it is ready to be shipped and can be delivered within 1-3 business days. If embroidery is needed it takes a bit longer, usually 7-10 business days. If you've opted for custom alterations to your items can take up to 6 weeks but that will be discussed with you upon placement of your order. Please note, if you've ordered on pre-order and there is unexpected periods of loadshedding it may delay delivery times, unfortunately.
How can I track my order?
Simply send your order number and ask ops@shpickle.co.za for an update.
Can you show me samples in person?
Yes, absolutely! Get in touch at sales@shpickle.co.za and we'll hook you up!
How does your sizing work?
We tried to base our sizes on the average retail sizes in South Africa meaning that if you are a medium at a big, local retailer you should fit into our medium. We have a size guide right here for ladies and here for men and if you are unsure we'd be happy to assist!
Can you do embroidery?
Yes. In every product description there are links to add embroidery. We can do your logo, your name and title, an image...you name it. Digitizing is needed the first time we need to have your logo prepped for the machine, this is a once-off fee. The costs for embroidery start at R80 for a name and goes up to R350 for digitizing and logo (after which a logo is R150). Embroidery usually takes 7-10 business days once confirmed. Please note that loadshedding can create a delay which may have an impact on delivery times.
What is the difference between the Premium Cotton and the Non-Crease?
The premium cotton is made of 97% cotton which means it is cool, breathable and crisp looking, while the other 3% contains stretch giving you comfort and freedom of movement. Cotton is natural and can be washed on high and ironed on a fairly high temperature which is required since it will crease (same as jeans or any other natural fabric shirts). Our non-crease is exactly that; it doesn't crease throughout the course of the day and doesn't require ironing. Made of 97% Polyester and 3% stretch it is not breathable like the cotton but sometimes there's just no time. It comes down to personal preference though for example: The heat and humidity in Durban? You will absolutely love the breathability of our cotton! Health and skincare industry? You will most definitely prefer the non-crease, trust us.