About Us

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

This is the quote that comes to mind when Shpickle was born.

Mitzi Gilbert, well known as “DJ Chopper” with a large following, and Janita Toerien, an accomplished wedding dress designer, were victims of Covid-19. Both in the entertainment/events business, their earnings were obliterated during 2020. Along with family member retrenchments, further losses of income and a new born child for Mitzi and her partner, things looked pretty bleak.

Mitzi and Janita had to create a business that would feed their families. Long hours and tons of research found a gap in the market for trendy medical scrubs. The success of the ranges have been borne out of pure passion to succeed. The launch was more than successful and third party investment has made the business grow from strength to strength.

The Shpickle Team would like to share their success and reach out to financial victims of Covid-19. Apart from creating the most comfortable designer scrubs, the team would like to create jobs for those individuals who have the passion and acumen to succeed. Plenty of further jobs will be created and families will be fed.


Own it….Wear It….Love it