About Us

It’s lockdown and in a quiet estate on the outskirts of the Northern Suburbs a DJ, a graphic designer and a fashion designer are in a house together. One is on maternity leave and two can’t work until lockdown is officially over. So what did they do?


We made masks and we made sure it was the best masks out there. We tested and sampled it before it was mandatory to wear and we made sure we put a solid product out there. Having done that we decided to do more, do something that will last longer than a mask wearing period and longer than a pandemic. We had the knowledge of custom pattern making and garment construction from the fashion designer, we had the creativity and design savvy of the graphic designer and we had the DJ who could implement a plan and run with it like it was on fire. Then someone said “You guys should look at making scrubs.” So we did.


Now here we are, making scrubs and loving it. 


And the name, you ask? Remember how we mentioned someone was on maternity leave? The little baby boy that was born was nicknamed Spikkels at birth and seeing as we all love him endlessly and wanted a name that had a meaning to us we took some inspiration from Ou Spikkels (now try saying that without smiling). Someone said “Shpeekle!” and just like that Shpickle was born.


Our mission is to make scrubs something you actually want to wear; comfortable, practical and just cool to look at. 


We are genuinely excited about this, about product development and finding creative ways to bring innovative design options to all professionals working in scrubs every day. 


Welcome to Shpickle