Why am I sweating in my scrubs?

Why am I sweating in my scrubs?


Don’t Sweat It, Just Breathe...

When our bodies create heat and start sweating to cool itself down, cotton allows the air that's trapped between the body and the fabric to move away and let the breeze in; it doesn’t trap the humid air that’s created but let’s it go. It is also hydrophilic meaning water/moisture sticks to it (think about towels and dishcloths) and therefore gets wicked away.

Synthetic fibers on the other had doesn’t have the same cell structures and while there are fabrics with moisture wicking technology chances are you’ll probably keep feeling cooler in cotton. Synthetic fibers are usually long, continuous filaments that have no space for air to go through and the tighter the construction of the yarns and the weave, the less breathable and cooling it becomes (think about that pleather jacket that gets all sticky on your back after a while).

So cotton then?

Give it a try. You want to look for something with a high percentage of cotton in it, at least 50% upwards.

There are of course pros and cons to both natural and synthetic fibers and we’ll discuss that in a coming article but for now, try switching to cotton and let us know if you can feel the difference. We'd also love to hear from you, should you want more detail on the qualities of the different kinds of fibers that you’ll find in clothing (I can carry on about this for loooong but the brief was to explain why you are sweating in your scrubs).

If you’d like to, have a look at our Premium Range for all our cotton scrubs. You might also love to know that it stretches and is 97% natural cotton.

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